Dream Weapons (Vol. 1)

by Monastery

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(“We should never have given up Dionysus for Apollo…We should’ve had the courage of our depictions, I think. Served poetry and lived under the stars.” - Clive Barker) Dream Weapons… A sword placed into the hands of a sleeper A blade to plunge deep into the heart of Time A river to drown your dogged demons A spring to cleanse the weary mind A little sylle to walk amongst the gods A lunar shield to ward off the wights A fire to sing these sigil songs A candle flame to endure this night Ah-Ah Nyi-Met So-Oh Wyl-Udh (21 : ii : 20)
A shadow of a shadow Drifts through this ending night Whispers through the trees As grief’s haunted sigh Tide after tide, I plead to the sky With sword, cup, wand, and disk “O won’t you spirits take me Where dreams cease to exist…?” (To become reality) Ahlee-Wayee-Omn Det-Suffx (20 : ii : 20)


***Cassettes coming post pandemic.***

Dream Weapons (Vol. 1) is the beginning of a series devoted to magickal workings projected through musick. These Sigil Songs are delivered in the tradition of artist/occultist Austin Osman Spare. The inspiration for the project and title comes from Coil and their exploration of Sidereal Sound. The goal is to reunite the visionary spiritual elements of Magick with Musick who seemed to have lost each other somewhere along the way. Chants to herald Dionysus and Venus back into the world.

Edmund Dulac (22. x .1882 - 25. v .1953) was a French/British illustrator who created art for more magazines and books in his lifetime than any of his contemporaries. Most of his illustrations were for faerie tales and fiction including the works of Hans Christian Andersen, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and Stories from The Arabian Nights. He contributed work to relief books during the World War and is considered to be part of the Golden Age of Illustration. He died of a heart attack while midway through a book commission for John Milton’s Comus.


released March 28, 2020

All musick & magick performed by Monastery at Seraphim House, New England in the Winter 2019-2020.

Mastered by Sean Glonek at SRG Studios, New Jersey.

Art by Edmund Dulac from the book The Dreamer Of Dreams (1915).

The quoted text from ‘Muisck To End Time’ is from the short story “Sex, Death And Starshine” found in Books Of Blood Vol. 1 by Clive Barker (1984).

A special thank you goes out to Aaron Saye.

This work is dedicated to Jhonn Balance & Peter Christopherson of Coil.


all rights reserved



Monastery Salem, Massachusetts

Dreamscapes For Solitude.

Dungeon Synth For Psychonauts.

Hymns For A New Heathen Age.

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